Summer heat, walks off leash and Westietude!


Hope you are well!

Summer is here!

It’s summer in full bloom here in Portugal, we had 35°C today, so we had to take our walk at 9-10pm to avoid the heat. We always carry a portable bottle of water for Sami, too, and if we go on a longer walk he drinks it all.

I mean look how long his tongue is (if you can’t see the image below, you need to tell your email provider to allow images in our emails).

Off-Leash Westie? Not really!

During the past month or so, we wondered whether we can ever trust Sami off leash. We used to let him walk free, since the wooded area where we go is very big, safe from cars and very few people go by, if ever.

However, we had some “incidents” that made us believe maybe Sami (and Westies in general) shouldn’t be trusted off leash, because they are so impredictable. So we got a really long leash 🙂

Read our article on our blog where we get into more details on our use of the long (10m/30feet) leash.

Sami’s Allergies

Sami’s allergies haven’t really improved, we noticed he scratched his nose and mouth a little bit and there are marks, so we gave him a bath with the allergy shampoo. We put cream on it too, now we wait to see how that goes.

Hopefully he will scratch less now, if not, we will need to see the vet again and maybe try some medication (although we are trying to avoid extra chemicals as much as possible). Even giving him baths more often could be a solution, if that helps. We’ll have to wait and see 🙂

But even with the heat and his allergies, Sami loves his walks and looks forward to the next walk all the time. Just watch him beg to go for a walk and how persuasive he can be, haha! He sure knows his audience.

Stay safe everyone! Until next week!

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