April calendar, Dog Tents and Hand Stripping

We tried to make the best of this situation, so here is our calendar wallpaper for the month of April which will hopefully make you smile (you can find a new one every month)! We had fun drawing it and you can download it for free, from here, and use it as a phone or desktop wallpaper!

We’ve been staying home for the past few weeks, which made Sami happy since now we’re together 100% of the time, and he stays with us wherever we are in the house. For that reason, he has a bed in every room (well, except for the bathroom. for now) 😁

His favorite one is a teepee tent we purchased from Amazon at the beginning of the year and we are keeping it in my office, since that’s where we spend most of the day and he can take a long nap. It’s very comfy and pretty, we wrote our thoughts about it here!

Sami the Wesite, lazy on a chair, with a mobile phone on Instagram

If you’ve been following our insta stories, you might have seen that we are looking to learn hand stripping! Before the self-isolation period started, we used to take Sami to the groomer’s every 2 months. We always opt for partial hand stripping, because it’s healthy for his skin and also it makes the hair stronger and less prone to knots.

Now that we are staying home, we need to learn to do this ourselves (and Sami’s hair right now is out of control, so he really needs a “trim”). Luckily, our groomer showed me how to do it, so I have an idea of the technique and basics. I also did some research and found these useful videos on YouTube, if anyone is interested:

If any of you have experience with hand stripping your westies, please share your tips with us, any help is welcome! Send it to [email protected].

Also, if you don’t follow our instagram, make sure you do, we post everyday updates on our life with Sami! Here’s the link: Sami’s Instagram.

Stay safe everyone! Until next time!


Sami & Humans (Miruna and Bobby)

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