Zee.Dog Poop Bag Dispenser Review

There are a lot of important qualities that you need to foster as you become a good pet parent. A lot of these qualities are focused on taking care of your pet, but there are also some social responsibilities that you need to learn for you and your dog. Leash laws are just one example.

A big thing that all dog owners need to learn is how to clean up after their dog when playing in the park or going on walks in the neighborhood together. While what your dog leaves behind is au naturale, we all know how frustrating it is to have an accidental run-in with this kind of a mess.

We don’t mind cleaning up after our pup when out on our walks, but we found ourselves constantly forgetting poop bags and then wondering what to do when our Westie did his business.

A friend recommended that we try a poop bag dispenser like the one that we will be reviewing today from Zee.Dog. While not an essential item by any means, we can’t deny the practicality and convenience that it offers. Let’s learn more about this little tool!

Zee.Dog Black Poop Bag Dispenser

The Zee.Dog Black Poop Bag Dispenser is a small, plastic contraption that holds any standard roll of poop bags. It can be attached to a leash or to your belt loops, and the poop bags that you used to forget will always be within arm’s reach!

Source: www.zeedog.com

Who Is This Product For?

This poop bag dispenser from Zee.Dog is perfect for any dog owner who takes their dog outside to do their business the limits of their own yard. While you might be willing to scoop the poop in your yard, it wouldn’t be right to leave little “gifts” in your neighbor’s yards.

This tool is especially great for those who tend to forget to bring bags along, like us. Once we found this dispenser and stored it with Sami’s lead, we found that it was nearly impossible to forget to bring it out with us when we went on our walks.

In our opinion, all dog owners should have a tool like this one to make the social requirement of cleaning up after your dog an easy part of the day instead of a frustrating stress point!

What’s Included?

This poop dispenser includes one roll of 15 poop bags. The dispenser is attached to a clasp rope attachment that can be used to hook it up to a lead or other carrying location. It is a very lightweight dispenser that won’t weigh you down.

Overview of the Features

Dispensing poop bags from the Zee.Dog dispenser is almost fun because of how easy it is. All that you need to do is pull the end of the bag out of the opening, and then rip a single bag. That’s it!

The dispenser has a rope attachment on it that can be used to easily suspend it wherever you would like to carry it. The rope clip has a clasp that is easy to open and close, so you can easily latch and unlatch it if you need to move where you are carrying the dispenser.

Overall, it’s a very lightweight dispenser, but we do want to note that it could be problematic to attach this dispenser to the lead if you have a very small dog or your dog is like ours and enjoys to play with anything dangling from the lead! Thankfully, we found that it was also convenient for us to hook the dispenser to one of our belt loops rather than the lead.

Additionally, the back of the dispenser actually has a slot where you can slide the lead through the dispenser itself. This means that if you don’t like the dispenser bouncing around while you walk, you can slide it onto the lead, and it will remain stationary.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • Can hold any standard-sized poop bag roll
  • Includes a starter roll
  • Durable rope clip


  • Plastic casing can break over time
  • Clasp may be hard for those with dexterity issues to use

How to Load Poop Bags Into the Dispenser

The main thing that we were worried about being confusing when we first started using this dispenser was how to reload more bags. It arrived with 15 bags, but we used those up in just a few days. Then, we needed to reload! Thankfully, the whole process of reloading was much less intimidating than we expected it to be.

First, look for the area where the dispenser can be popped open. The side seams on the dispenser make this fairly obvious, so you shouldn’t need to struggle with this. Once you have it open, all that you need to do is put the new roll of baggies in!

Before you close up the dispenser, make sure that you pull the end of the roll of bags loose and stick it through the opening. By doing this before you close up the dispenser, you are making it easier for you to get a fresh bag in the future.


If you don’t like that this dispenser from Zee.Dog is made out of plastic, you may prefer the more durable material on the Simpletome Dog Bag Dispenser. This dispenser is also quieter to use and waterproof.

Another dispenser design that many dog owners love are dispensers like this one, which is shaped like a dog bone. This is a great choice if you love the novelty of it!


No one likes to talk about poop, but part of being a dog owner is taking accountability of your pet’s bathroom habits! It’s up to you to make sure that you are properly cleaning up after them.

When we realized just how often we were forgetting our dog bags and needing to backtrack when we take our Westie on walks, we knew that we needed a way to make carrying the bags more convenient for us. Thankfully, this Poop Bag Dispenser from Zee.Dog makes our lives simpler without making us feel like we have more to carry.

Any dog owner who cleans up after their pet (and that should be all of us!) needs a tool like this one to help make their days out and about with their pet easier and cleaner.

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