Westie Rescue Texas Organizations to Remember

We know that Texas is the second-biggest state in the US, but we’ve recently learned that it might be the state with the biggest hearts!

We adopted our sweet Sami from a Westie breeder here in Portugal, but we now know how many Westies there are out there that desperately need to find new homes.

Some have been surrendered by owners that can’t care for them properly; others simply got lost in the world and have nowhere to go.

Thankfully for these lost sweethearts, there are many organizations out there that can help them.

In Texas, Westie rescue Texas organizations work hard to save, rehabilitate, and rehome dogs that need to find a loving home.

Westie Rescue Texas State Organizations

Are you looking to adopt a Westie in Texas or get involved in helping Westies there?

These organizations are a great place to start your search.

1. Lone Star Westie Rescue

First up, let’s cover the primary statewide Westie saving organization, Lone Star Westie Rescue.

Lone Star Rescue Westie has been working for many years to help save Westies that need to find happy homes.

They help dogs get the medical help they need, find foster families, and then find their fur-ever homes!

We love that their site works a lot like a marketplace; you can browse through all of the dogs that are looking for love, and it almost breaks my heart to see so many dogs like Sami that aren’t able to have such a secure life as him.

This site is doing a great job of connecting people who want to save Westies with Westies that need to be saved.

My favorite part of the site is their Happy Tails section!

Here, you can browse through all the lovely stories of Westies that found great homes.

See picture updates, how they’re doing, and find out more about how their adoptive owners are faring, too.

Sharing these kinds of stories is so important for spreading awareness about rescuing dogs, and we’re so happy to see a group like LSWR doing such a great job of it!

2. Westie and Scottie Rescue Houston

If you’re looking for an option that works specifically in the Greater Houston area, the Westie and Scottie Rescue Houston organization is a good one.

It works not only with Westies but also with Cairns, Scotties, and all types of small terrier mixes that could benefit from their assistance.

This rescue group helps, on average, 170 dogs a year, and they have been working to save dog after dog since 2001.

The adoption section of this website is very easy to use as it is run through the popular pet-finding plug-in, Petfinder.

Through this tool, you can easily search for Westies of different ages, and that can help you find the dog of your dreams.

While most people want to get a puppy (like we did with Sami), there are a lot of older Westies out there that need a little extra love.

Plus, they’re just as cute as the little puppies are!

Trust me, we spent way too long looking through the available dogs through this organization wondering if it is time to expand our pack or not.

3. Westie Rescue of North Texas

If you’re located in the Northern area of the state rather than the Houston area, the Westie Rescue of North Texas may have better resources for you to utilize.

In addition to offering adoption, volunteering, and rehoming services, Westie Rescue of North Texas (W.R.N.T.) has a lot of information about adoption, how it works, what to expect, what type of medical procedures are to be expected, and much more.

We love that W.R.N.T. wants people to stay in contact after they’ve adopted a Westie through them.

They show a genuine amount of love and adoration for the Westies that they work with, and we love seeing that.

One of the reasons that we bought from a specific breeder was because we knew just how much they loved Westies, and we see the same love from W.R.N.T!

National Rescues

Unfortunately, not everyone is going to find their perfect pup through the local organizations in the US.

We got really lucky with Sami, but we imagine that finding a puppy in the huge system of rescues in the US might be overwhelming.

One site that we believe can be particularly helpful for US Westie lovers who are looking to adopt a Westie is Westie Rescue USA.

This organization does a fantastic job of helping to get rescuees across the country into new, safe homes.

They have actually rehomed more than 1,100 dogs in their 26 years of work!

Westie Rescue USA does more than just find homes for Westies; they provide extensive financial support for the medical procedures that relinquished and stray Westies often need before they can find new homes.

They also do training and rehabilitation with every dog that they work with.

Final Thoughts

We know that Texas is a big state, but we also believe in your ability to find the perfect Westie there.

With the help of Westie Rescue Texas organizations like those we’ve introduced today, you will soon have your very own Sami to play with at home!

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  1. Hi there I am looking for some advice on my westie Terror his name is Bruno and he is 15 years old this year.
    However he has lost all interest in everything playing.don’t want play with toys he don’t like a bath any more and he don’t like his walks anymore and he is starting to not eat much now I am worried that he is to old now to keep him really all these issues iv been reading and he relates to most.
    He has very bad teeth they are green at the gum lines last visit to the vets they had to mussel him as he is a very anxious dog and so jumpy.
    He also walks in circles up to 30 maybe more he also walks the same route from the kitchen to front room exactly the same way .
    He don’t really bark anymore either and as soon as I go to work he goes up jumps up on my bed sleeps until I am home .
    He has several bald patches that are very flakes like dandruff.
    I want to keep him forever but I don’t want him in any pain either.
    What would ur advice be ? He has no quality’s of life everyday he does the same there are several other issues happening to him to.
    I have taken him to the vets several times but bcos he is nervous all the time they don’t like to see him as he may bite them I think I have got to make the decision to have him put to sleep to stop him going through all this any advice I could get would be so great full thank you .

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