NICREW Front-Facing Dog Carrier Backpack Review

All dog owners know that sometimes, your dog will just get tired of walking, or you’ll be out in areas where you don’t feel comfortable with them walking about. In those situations, Westie owners like us are lucky enough to be able to carry our pups around with us in carrier backpacks!

NICREW Front-Facing Dog Carrier Backpack Review

However, not all backpack carriers are created equal, and we’ve had a hard time in the past getting a carrier that felt comfortable for Sami and for us. While an average backpack will work in a one-time scenario, you always want to be sure that you’re choosing something smart and sensible for you and your Westie.

Today, we’re going to give you our full review of a carrier backpack we’ve considered using for Sami. Let’s get started!

NICREW Front-Facing Dog Carrier Backpack

This product by NICREW is an adjustable front-facing carrier backpack for dogs. It is outfitted with many specific features to make you and your Westie comfortable, and it is on the more affordable side among all carrier backpack options.


Who Is This Backpack For?

If you’ve got a growing Westie like us, this is a great choice! As the backpack is available in a few different sizes, several different dog types and ages can fit into this carrier. We had to get a size large for Sami, so it’s important to note that these types of backpacks are for small and medium build dogs.

If you have a large or a medium-sized dog that weighs more than 10 kilograms, this isn’t the right type of product to use to make it easier for your pet to come on adventures with you. You may want to look into a dog wagon or stroller instead.

This backpack is also an excellent choice for those who like to go on adventures with their dogs but cannot handle the distance or the terrain. For example, bringing this when you go hiking with your dog is a smart choice. It allows you to carry them when things get too rough or they get too tired.

In fact, we even use ours to carry Sami around the house when he’s being needy! Sometimes, he just doesn’t want to leave our sides, and who are we to deny him that luxury when he needs it?

What’s Included?

This backpack comes with nothing but the carrier itself, but it has several features that you should know about. Let’s talk more about them in the next section.

Overview of the Features

The coolest thing about this carrier is the many features it is equipped with. Combined, all of these features will make you and your Westie comfortable and happy.

The backpack has very wide, adjustable shoulder straps that can be worn in two different configurations depending on what feels more comfortable for you. All of the buckles are strong, heavy-duty slid buckles that make your pet safe and secure.

The area where your pet goes in the backpack is made of breathable mesh material so that your little one isn’t too hot while they are in the carrier. Additionally, the top of this pet pocket is elasticized so that it is easier to put in and take out your pet.


  • Adjustable, comfortable shoulder straps
  • Two side zippers on pet pocket make it very easy to use
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Foldable and easy to travel with


  • Not great for larger or heavier pets
  • Long term durability issues
  • Straps not long enough to wear over bulky clothing

How to Use This Dog Carrier

We use this backpack to give our Westie pup a break while we are out on long walks, or when he simply gets tired. You know how puppies love to run and run and run until they don’t realize how exhausted they really are! This type of carrier backpack comes in handy for us when we get caught in that type of situation.

We also use this carrier backpack to take Sami into some stores with us when we want to stop and grab some food to take home. Many stores do not allow dogs to walk around, but they will allow them in if you carry them with you in a backpack like this one, so it is very useful for us and for our pup!

You can even use this backpack just to keep your little one out of trouble. If you are tired of them trying to eat everything you drop on the floor while cooking, or when you just need them to stay in sight for a few minutes, you can use this backpack that way, too.


Of course, this version of a dog carrier isn’t the only good option out there! While we haven’t tried them all yet, we found a few others that are worth a closer look.

If you prefer to get something in a bright, fun color, this carrier backpack is an interesting alternative! While it is similar in overall design, the material used in the pocket area is different, so it is possible that your pet would find it more comfortable.


If your little one doesn’t like being placed in the position required to be in a backpack, you might want to try something where they can sit more comfortably like a side sling. These aren’t the best option for our pup, but many find these to be great!



All in all, using the NICREW Front-Facing Dog Carrier Backpack was a really fun way for us to keep our little Sami while we were adventuring, all without needing to worry about him getting too worn out! Even when his little legs had too much, we were able to keep him out and about with us for a bit longer so we could enjoy a lovely day out.

Remember that carrier backpacks won’t be right for all dogs, and you should always take time to get your Westie adjusted to using one. With a few practice wears at home, you may find that your dog loves it so much they fall asleep while being carried around!


Westie in Dog Backpack Carrier

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