Spring allergies, puppy school and an inspired gift!


Hope you are well!

Sami returned to puppy school this week, for the first time in 2 months and a half! He loved being back, he spent the whole class rolling in the grass and wagging his tail with a big smile on his face! 🙂 It was awesome!

And at the end, he got to play with another dog who was also on her first day there after quarantine! See the photos here.

On a more serious note, for the past two weeks we’ve been dealing with allergies for the first time.

How did we notice?

Sami was licking his paws a lot, which in the beginning we thought was just out of boredom. Some people on our instagram saw him licking his paws in videos and mentioned it could be allergies, so we went to the vet to check.

His paws aren’t red or anything, nothing is unusual except for the licking. But then we also noticed him scratching his chin quite a bit (to the point where he is hurting his skin a little).

The vet said this definitely looks like allergies and there can be no telling what he is allergic to. It could not be food, she said, because otherwise he would have signs all over his body. So it could be spring allergies, it could be any plant outside, even grass.

She mentioned stress causes too, but I think probably it’s not stress, since he is a happy dog; he is never alone but he also has places he can retire to, around the house, if he feels the need for privacy. So I think stress can’t be a factor here.

As a result, we now wash his paws with an anti-allergy shampoo everyday, then apply a lotion with antibiotic. It seems to be better and he almost doesn’t lick his paws at all now, so we will try to stop using the cream and just wash his paws more often.

Do you have allergy issues with your pups too? How do you deal with it?

And on a happier note, summer is here finally! We went to the beach yesterday and had a blast! Watch our video!

And if you’re looking for inspiration, here is the best “Sami gift” we ever got: a clock with a calendar (well, sort of) 🙂

Each photo represents a month from last year (which was also our first year with Sami)! It was a lovely gift we got from our family and we cherish it! It could be a great gift idea for you or your westie-parent loved ones!

Stay safe everyone! Until next week!

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