Westie Talk: Puppy grooming with Yogurt the Westie

One of our favorite westies on Instagram is Yogurt the Westie. We’ve been following Yogurt since before having Sami and she was such an inspiration to us, always so fluffy and cute, with her teddy bear hairstyle, always posting heart warming pictures that made my day!

So we reached out and did this mini interview with Yogurt’s human, because we wanted to find out more about how she keeps Yogurt looking so dapper! We talk about everything that goes into grooming a Westie, from bathing to that dashing haircut.

Yogurt always looks so clean and fluffy! How do you keep her like this? 

White fur needs more maintenance, especially around the mouth, eyes and paws. I always clean Yogurt’s eyes every morning when she wakes up so the eye boogers are still wet, which makes it easier to come off. For the mouth, I always wipe with a dry cloth after each meal or every time it gets wet.

Taking Yogurt for a walk outside is challenging too… her mouth will get very dirty because she sniffs around and dirt always gets stuck on the fur around her paws, sometimes even bubblegum. So after each walk I always wash her paws and mouth and sanitary area with shampoo. If I think it’s not that dirty, I wipe with anti germ wipes. For doggos who’ve had stained fur for years, it might take a shave and some medication.

When it’s time for a cut, do you go to a groomer? Or do you do it yourself?

Before we had the baby I groomed her myself because it’s hard to find a good groomer with the style that we like. But if I take her to the groomer usually i will tweak it at home.

What tools do you use? 

I use dog scissors and clippers. I use clippers only for paws pad and sanitary area.

How often do you bathe Yogurt? What type of shampoo do you use? 

Since we moved to California, where the weather is drier than NYC, we bathe her once every month and a half. Shampoo and conditioner for white fur. Tips to make her look fluffy, dont use conditioner on her head. 

What brand of shampoo? I currently have the Pet Head for white fur, but would love to know what works for you. 

I think all white fur shampoos are good. I’ve been using this shampoo and the conditioner until now. We love the smell!! 

How often does she get a haircut?

2-3 times a year.

I love the teddy bear look Yogurt has! She certainly doesn’t look like the traditional westie. Any tips to achieving this haircut style? 

We love westies but we are not the biggest fan of the westie cut. We really love Yogurt’s natural look when she was a puppy which looks like a teddy bear, so we try to maintain that look. Tips? Make every part round! 🙂

How do you keep the hair from covering her eyes? This is something I’m struggling with, with Sami. I want to cut it, but I’m afraid I’ll ruin the shape of his head 🙂

This is very easy i always do it by myself, using round scissors. During grooming, use the scissors with the curved side facing opposite of the face.

And lastly, how often do you brush Yogurt’s coat? What kind of comb or brush do you use?

Once every 2 or 3 days with slicker brushes

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