34 Reasons Westies Love the Sea

I don’t know about Westies in general, but our Sami loves the sea. Well, he needs to, since his pawrents love it so much and they always go there, right? 🌊⛱️🏖️

So, without further due, here are the reasons why Westies love the sea.

It makes them happy!

Sailing has never been more fun.

They can relax and be alone with their thoughts. It’s all a Westie can dream of.

They can practice water sports!

Long morning walks on the beach are the best!

The sunsets are spectacular.

There’s nothing quite like barking at the waves!

The palm trees makes them look cool in photos.

Their Instagram is never dull.


They can get their feet wet, even if they hate swimming.

Also, it’s fun waving back at all the tourists!

Digging in the sand, then making sure their human gets some all over them, too!

They love feeling on top of the world!

Exploring new places with their human is a Westie’s favorite hobby!

So is sitting in for photos! Well, as long as there’s treats involved!

Long walks and lots of stops to get in the water!

Rubbing their face in the sand and then licking it.

Making memories with their human.

Walking around the marina to meet sailor dogs!

Discovering remote beaches! And learning what the heck a lagoon is.

Where there’s sea, there is fish! Where there’s fish, there’s cats!

A Westie is always on the lookout!

The sea is beautiful even when it’s cloudy.

Nothing like celebrating your birthday by the sea 😀

They can go on hikes and never get bored of the view!

Especially if the view involves a palm tree forest!

Any outfit looks good as long as you’re on the beach.

Getting wet is part of the fun!

Running on the shore sure is fun!

So is doing a beach dance!

Watching the sunset with their favorite human.

Showing their human the world from above.

Making sand castles. Or destroying them 🙂

Having lunch with a better view than they have at home.