Can Westies Eat Mango?

Can Westies eat mango?

Yes! A resounding yes! Of course, we are talking about the pulp of the fruit. You need to peel it and remove the pit before giving anything to your pup. And, of course, as with anything, give your Westie mango in moderation!

Sami, our Westie, loooves mango. It’s his favorite fruit. When he hears us cutting the fruits in the kitchen, he’s there. It doesn’t matter what he does, where he is around the house, you see him at your feet in less than 3 seconds. And all he does is looking intently at the floor, waiting for a piece to drop.

Is mango safe for dogs?

The ripe fruit is soft and sweet (it’s our favorite fruit, as well). You pup will love it, probably. Again, be careful and give mango to your Westie in moderation, because they will eat all of it!

Even if the fruit is normally soft, it’s a good idea to cut it in bite-sized pieces when giving it to your dog. This avoids any potential choking hazards. Especially if the fruit is not that ripe.

Finally, the fruit contains lots of fiber and vitamins A, B6 and C (source)

Is mango bad for Westies?

No. If you take all the precautions, no.

Before giving mango to your pup, you need to:

  • remove the pit. Our Sami brakes the pit in small pieces if we give it to him and that’s potentially dangerous (we don’t give him the pit anymore, but we did before we knew better)
  • don’t give you dog too much mango. It can give them diarrhea and an upset stomach
  • peel the fruit. While Westies can eat the skin, it might be difficult to digest

If your Westie eats some pit, by mistake, it might go through his digestive track and be ok. Still, keep an eye on him and at any choking signs, take your pup to the vet. Do not take chances!

And, talking about vets: we are not vets! You should talk to your vet before giving your pup any new treat, just to be on the safe side.