Westie puppy being crazy about food

Dogs love food, that’s no secret. They would do anything for a bite and we know it! But just how much do Westie pups love food? See below all the hilarious situations where our Westie puppy, Sami, has shown us he is crazy about food! 🙂

Having breakfast with my human? Yes, please!!

And a delicious fruit snack (with a view)? This is what I call a vacation!

Yes, human totally loves breakfast. Maybe if I ask nicely she will give me a lick?

Takeout food, that’s a delicacy. Maybe if I stare right at it for a really long time, I’ll get half. Or maybe even the whole thing!

Apples, yum! I’ll have some. Quick, is anyone looking?

Exotic fruit, I need to taste them of course! To tell if they’re fresh, you know?

Birthday cake, yes please! Finally something that’s all mine!

Human’s tiramisu is something I can’t miss. I never get any, but I always keep asking.

Pastel de nata and coffee, can I get any more Portuguese than that?

Or maybe a baguette? Wait a minute, that’s not real…

Human is trying to fool me into thinking this is real food. Take a second look, human.

Treats, now that I always accept! Especially bone shaped ones 🙂

Weird foods, that’s my territory also! Octopus, gimme some! (it’s healthy too!)

I wouldn’t say no to snails either. Hey, I’m a foodie!

To think about it, I wouldn’t say no to anything! I’m open to any foods you throw my way!

…Real foods. Not whatever this is.

Or this. I cannot be fooled by food-looking toys.

Home cooked food is good too. If I’m ever sick, this chicken pasta and pumpkin meal is delicious and healthy!

I always wait for permission to eat. No matter how delicious the food is.

Even if it’s raw food.

Can you tell how curious I am to see what the heck that is??

I’ve tried BARF diet some time ago, I don’t do that anymore.

But I liked the wild and different tastes.

And don’t even get me started on ice cream!! Well, I can at least lick the bowl!

Maybe I can also lick the cone, once you’re finished? I’m offering my cleaning services.

Another dessert I love is yogurt. Human lets me lick the bowl and I’m so happy 😀

And watermelon is my favorite dessert! This one I’m allowed to share with human. Not too much, since it’s high in sugar. But enough to enjoy it!

Healthy human foods like salads and stuff… those I also love, believe it or not!

Spinach, oh man! How I love getting spinach leaves, so crunchy and good. Human is amused to see how much I love spinach.

And when we’re all having dinner, I’m always there watching. Maybe something will fall??

Eating in restaurants is the best! I cannot wait to “taste” all the smells!

And the humans are keen on pasta. Looks delicious.

Lots of pasta. They don’t notice how I stare at it, asking for a bite.

Going out for breakfast is nice too! Maybe if it’s two of us now, humans will share their breakfast with us!

Hot crunchy pastries, oh! Yes please!

Yeah, even a tiny piece will do, just let me taste it!

This pancake looks like it has my name on it. Can you see it? Let me show you, give me a bite!

Or this yogurt bowl with lots of goodies inside it. Give it here!

Or that French macaron! I must have a bite of that, be reasonable human!

Romantic dinner followed by tiramisu? AND wine? Just give me the OK and I’ll dig in!

Sometimes I like my kibble with milk, like cereal! Have you tried it?

Other times I like to play and have my food out of my Kong Wobbler toy. Also yummy.

Other times I get wet food. That’s for special occasions.

Did I mention I love breakfast? Sometimes I pretend this is real food :p

Those Portuguese pastries though! Are you sure I can’t have some?

Pretty please?

Uuuh, good smelling fruit. I always get a piece!

Strawberries! How do I look? If I’m sleepy it’s because I don’t like strawberries! :p