Rosewood Tan Plush Dog Bed Review

Mattress shopping is not for the faint of heart. Often, people will spend all day laying on different mattresses trying to decide what feels the best, only to go back the next day without being able to remember what they felt like at all!

Still, where we sleep is very important, so we tend to put a lot of time into picking out something that is going to allow our bodies to rest fully and comfortably. To us, it makes perfect sense that we would do the same for our dog!

Choosing a dog bed is hard because we have to use visual, not vocal, clues from our dogs to decide if they like the bed or not; then, we have to like it, too! In a lot of ways, it can be harder than choosing a mattress for ourselves because we can’t ask what our dogs like.

The only way to decide about a bed is to learn if it meets a certain level of qualification. To help you decide about this Rosewood Tan Plush Dog Bed, we’ve taken some time to gather up the top features, pros, and cons that it offers your pet family.

Rosewood Tan Plush Dog Bed

The Rosewood Tan Plush Dog Bed is a soft plush bed that has an oval, walled design. The bed is padded on the inside and is designed in such a way that your dog should be able to curl up in the middle of the oval very comfortably.

Who Is This Product For?

This dog bed is perfect for dog owners who have a small- to medium-sized dog. Due to the size of the bed, it isn’t good for very large dogs. Some slightly bigger breeds, like a small Spaniels, might be comfortable in the 25-inch version, but the sizes of the 20-inch and 25-inch beds are more appropriate for dogs that don’t exceed 30 pounds at most.

This product is also a great choice for those who want to get their dog a bed that looks good in your home. While the main priority is, of course, going to be whether or not your dog likes the bed, you also will have to look at it every day! If you like the design, this is a good choice for you and your home.

What’s Included?

This dog bed doesn’t come with any type of cover or accessories other than the bed itself.

Overview of the Features

This is a tan-colored bed made from faux suede material. It has an oval shape, and the inside of the bed is covered in a very soft, plush lining. The overall design is very sleek and modern, but it can fit into the theme of many homes.

The bed is available in both a 20-inch and 25-inch size. We went with the bigger size for our Westie as we liked the idea of him being able to spread out as he grows, but you can choose whichever you feel that your dog will be most comfortable in. Breeds like Bichons also fit well in the 25-inch sized bed.

One of the best things about this bed is that it is machine-washable! Sometimes, you’ll find a bed that isn’t machine-washable, and that can make it necessary to replace the bed much sooner than you would otherwise need to do.

There is one thing about this bed that we didn’t love, and that was the sides. We expected the sides to be relatively firm, and we were hoping that they would help to keep our Westie warm when our home gets drafty. Unfortunately, the sides are relatively floppy. Still, he loves to smoosh his head down on top of the floppy sides, so maybe that’s a good thing in the end!


  • Easy to wash
  • Cute, fashionable design
  • Two sizing options
  • Plush insides


  • Sides are floppy
  • Not big enough for some breeds
  • Stitching cannot withstand chewing

How to Wash a Dog Bed

The first thing that we wanted to learn how to do once we got this bed was to wash it! Though we love our little Westie, we have no desire to let the house smell like pet dander over time, so we find that washing his bed frequently is a must.

Luckily for our family, this bed is very easy to wash! It can go right in the washing machine, and then we simply need to wait for it to dry. When washing this particular bed, we like to wrap it in a sheet or place it inside a large pillowcase. It may seem strange to do this, but the plush interior of the bed will stay in better condition if it isn’t directly exposed to the motion of the washing machine.

Then, we like to let the bed air or rack dry in a shady area. The bed could theoretically go in the dryer if you needed to jump-start the drying process, but the best way to dry it is to let it air dry. The bed will stay in better condition if you dry it without using the dryer.


If your dog loves to lay in strange positions, they may prefer to have a bed like this one from Rucomfy, which doesn’t have any sides at all. In this, your pet can sprawl however he wants without interruption!

If your dog needs a firm, supportive bed with stiff sides, using an orthopedic bed like this one from JOYELF. Using this is believed to be better for their body in the long run.


Our Westie is the kind of dog that will sleep wherever he feels like it, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t deserve somewhere special to curl up whenever he wants to take a nap. With a bed like this one from Rosewood, we can both be happy. We like the design, and our dog likes to lay in it!

Mostly, we love how convenient this bed is. It’s soft and ready to use right when it arrives. Sami was able to sniff at it for a few hours before, ultimately, deciding that he’d rather nap on it than do anything else! Once it got a bit musty, washing it was a super easy task, which we have no qualms about repeating again an again.

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