Flexi Classic Retractable Lead Tape Review

While many people are satisfied using a standard lead when they take their pups out for a walk, we love the flexibility that a retractable lead tape gives us when adventuring with our little Westie pup. He’s got a huge curiosity, so being able to let him go farther or stick closer when we encounter a new area is a huge plus.


However, not all retractable lead tapes are created the same. Some get stuck, some can’t be locked, and others won’t survive even a little bit of pulling!

We became pretty experienced in various leads since we have our Westie, so we decided to share our review of the Flexi Classic Retractable Lead Tape today. Is it going to be the right choice for you and your dog? Let’s find out together!

Flexi Classic Retractable Lead Tape

The Flexi Classic Retractable Lead Tape is a retractable lead with a five-meter-long lead tape inside. It is recommended for use with dogs up to 50 kilograms. This lead is designed to withstand quite a lot of pulling without any problems, ensuring that it can last longer than your average lead.


Who Is This Lead For?

This retractable lead is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a retractable lead that they can adjust to fit any type of adventure they go on with their pup. Whether you aren’t sure how long the lead you choose should be, or you simply like to have multiple lengths available, this lead is a great option.

For us, it was perfect for our Westie and could easily stand up to any jumping or pulling without unlocking the length we set it at. The lead tape went out, and very easily as well, so he wasn’t burdened by the lead length as he ran around.


This lead is great for anyone with any sized dog. Simply make sure that you choose the right length and size according to your dog’s size and weight! If you have a dog that really pulls a lot, however, you will likely want to pair it with a harness to help train that behavior out of them as well.

What’s Included?

This lead set doesn’t include anything except for the retractable lead tape itself, but the lead mechanism does include a braking and locking system, which we’ll talk more about in the features section of today’s review.

This specific lead does have two optional add-on accessories that you might want to try. The first is an LED lighting system to help improve night walks; the second is a multi-box that can be used to store treats or waste bags.


Overview of the Features

We haven’t used very many retractable leads before, but a friend recommended that we get one after we complained about not loving the length of our previous lead. With a retractable lead, we can easily let our Westie pup explore a little bit more distance, or we can break the speed of the tape so that he can’t get too far ahead.

The brake system in this lead is excellent. We can easily stop the lead from going out any farther with one hand, and we can even lock that distance into place if we want to keep the lead at a specific length while we are out and about. It’s effortless to secure the lead, and it’s just as easy to release it so that our pup can roam as much as he wants to.


This lead comes with a tape lead, but the brand also makes a corded lead that you can put into the lead case instead of if you want to try out a cord lead. Cords are less likely to twist, but they aren’t as strong as the tape lead, so we stuck to the tape style for our Westie pup.



  • Smooth action
  • Easy to lock
  • Can be used with cord or tape style leads
  • Swivel clip


  • Can be hard to lock when wearing gloves
  • Can’t hold a thick enough lead for strong or large dogs


How to Use This Lead Tape

For us, using this lead tape was so simple! Our Westie is still learning about how to stay calm while on a lead, so we never know whether or not we’re going to need a short or a long lead when we are out and about.

Using this retractable lead made it very easy for us to adjust the amount of lead tape we wanted to give him. This is essential for being able to train him well while also giving him the freedom to have a great time on our walks!

We found that the lock is simple to use. All that you need to do is press down to prevent any more lead tape from coming out of the compartment! Then, you slide a small button forward to lock that length in place. Once locked, you don’t need to hold the brake in anymore as the lead will stay at that same length.


If you like the quality of this Flexi lead but don’t love the design, you could try their alternative Comfort Design Retractable Lead instead. It has very similar qualities with an adjusted grip area.

This LOVEJIE Lead is a retractable lead that already includes the optional add-on features that we mentioned, including LED lights, a small box for treats or waste bags, and anti-slip handle.


Flexi is well-known for making high-quality leads, and we’ve found that their leads really do stand up to that reputation! This particular classic style lead is comfortable and easy to use, and it is also very functional. The lead can be kept at short or long distances up to five meters.

While we found that the medium-sized lead was great for our Westie as it’s suitable for up to 25 kilogram-sized dogs, you may need to choose a different size for your dog. Make sure that you select the size that is appropriate for your dog’s build, or they might be able to break the lead tape!

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