5 Perfect Gifts for Westie Lovers in 2021

Valentine’s Day is coming up and what better gift for a Westie lover than a cute heart shaped Westie mug or a gorgeous T-shirt with a Westie giving you their heart?

1. Westie Love Heart Shaped Mug

Is this is the cutest Westie mug that ever existed, or what? Even if the Westie lover in your life has everything, we can assure you they don’t have this unique mug! Get it in our shop!

2. Westie Love T-Shirt

This unisex heavy cotton tee is a great gift for anyone you know who loves Westies (and cute dogs in general)! They come in multiple sizes and colors. Get it in our shop: delivery to USA or delivery to Europe.

3. Westie Love Ceramic Mug

The classic white ceramic mug with your cute Westie is a suitable gift for anyone who loves Westie dogs! Or, you could just get it as a gift to yourself! Just saying. Get it in our shop (or here for Europe delivery).

4. Westie Biodegradable Smartphone Case

This beautiful Westie protective case is a sure way to show the world how much you love your Westie puppy! It’s made of plant polymer and bamboo and its neutral color makes it perfect for everyday use. Also, it’s biodegradable (and made with zero plastic!) so it’s good for the planet! Get it in our shop now.

5. Westie Love Greeting Cards

Never be without a spare set of Westie greeting cards again! These are the perfect for any occasion and will make the Westie lover in your life very happy! Get your set of postcards in our shop!